About Us

About us

Steel Marine Service is a specialized technical support company, which can help you to deal with every technical problem Onboard at one flat rate. Our tech experts can fix issues On Board By Supplying Required Spares/Machineries And Thus optimize your ship performance to make it perform like smoothly as before.

Our staff Are well trained and their many years of experience means they can tackle and solve most Technical Issues on the workbench and on-board. Steel Marine Service provides unmatched service of all types supplies and on board repairing in india and all ports of world. We Have gained a great deal of technical knowledge on spare parts and are capable of assisting clients with spare replacement cycles and advising its alternatives.

We Supply Spare Parts And Machineries Obtained From Ship Coming Here For Demolition To Ship Owners – Ship Managers Worldwide Whenever Their Ship is In Requirements. These Genuine Parts Obtained From Ship Helps To Cut Off Time & Cost By Supplying Them As Per The Ship Calling Port.