Our Services

Steel Marine Service specializes in supplies Of New / Recondition / Used Spare Parts / Machineries / Electricals Obtained From Good Condition Ship Coming For Demolition.

Main-Generator engine spare

Oil purifier complete & spares

Air-A/c Compressor & spares

Fresh water generator complete & spares

Turbocharger complete & spares

Hydraulic Motor-pump complete & spares

Automation systems & parts

Tank gauging equipment-instruments

Lifeboats complete and engines

Rescue boat complete and out board

The staff who answer your requirements have decades of experience with ships spare-parts-machinery and their function in ships. This makes us confident and ready to troubleshoot your problem. Once your requirements arrives in our system, your needs gets fast reply for supply or on board repair by our experienced and trained staff

STEEL MARINE SERVICE are available on a 24 HOUR X 365 Days basis to all our client local and overseas. In addition, emergency contact numbers of relevant expert staff are provided to our customers.