Taiko EMC Pump – Obtained From Demolished Ship

Taiko EMC Pump

Taiko EMC Pump – Obtained From Demolished Ship

Recondition Taiko EMC Pump And New Spares Sourced From Ship Coming Here For Demolition.

Taiko EMC Pump – Cooling Fresh Water Pump, Cooling Sea Water Pump, Sea Water Service Pump. Complete Serviced and Ready To Operate Condition.

All Pumps In Stock Are Sourced from Ship Coming Here For Demolition, These Pumps Are Serviced / Tested and Re-painted before supply. We are Supplying Worldwide.

Also Available Below Pumps:

We work in all types of Pump : Fresh Water Pump, Sea Water Pump, Bilge Pump, Sludge Pump, Boiler Feed Water Pump, Circulating Pump, Emergency Fire Pump And All Other water-Oil-Chemical Pumps.

We Can Offer Pumps : Shinko, Heishin, Taiko, Naniwa, Teikoku, Allweiler And All Other Marine Pumps all sourced from demolished Ship.

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